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Salt & Light Art

A collection of seascapes by Ly Yeow

opening night: 19 January 2019
photographed at Homeground Coffee Roasters  

‘Salt & Light’ is a solo exhibition by local artist, Ly Yeow. It features illustrated seascapes inspired by her visit to Orchid Island, Taiwan in 2015. This collection took 3 years to complete. 

Opening night felt extra special to me because I was privy to what happened before: I helped Ly with setting up and saw the hard work and soul she put into this solo exhibition. Just before opening night, she admitted that when she painted these works she had no clue if they would one day be shown to the public. It truly takes courage to do that. 

What I witnessed on opening night was truly special. A wave of Ly’s friends, classmates, ex-colleagues, students and family coming together to support and celebrate her work. What a great thing to witness.

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