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The magic is not in
moments of grandeur or extravagance,
but in the simple and heartfelt.

These are the moments we seek to
capture with you.


H E L L O !  

Everyday Magic photography grew out of a love for capturing heartfelt moments and honouring what matters most in this life - our relationships. The camera is merely a medium through which I can be a witness to this, for couples, families and friends.

If you really think about it,  the important moments in life are often not recorded because you’re right in the thick of it. My photography is simple - I seek to bear witness to what happened. And I hope to provide images you can look back at, years from now, and be transported back to that moment.

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About Me (Yap Yen)

I am quiet and shy by nature. Many people have pointed this out about me - friends, family, even teachers! Yet I feel this introverted nature helps me be open and aware of situations and helps inform my photography. 

I prefer a more photojournalistic approach because I believe in capturing moments as they happen. So you can look forward to less direction and posing, which results in more authentic and natural photos - you (and your loved ones)  captured as you are. 

Other things I love: art, cats, basketball and travelling. 

I also have a side project where I visit artists in their studios and talk to them about their creative process and photograph them in their workspaces. Check it out here

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